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14 countries, one currency, one website




The www.izf.net site, common property of two sub regional institutions, CEMAC (Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa) and UEMOA (Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa), was established in October 1998, at the initiative of the Ministers of Economy and Finance, to fill a gap: the lack of useful and credible information on the countries that share the CFA Franc.

Following the success met by the site since its inception and for the sake of diversification and modernization of decision making tools, the site has undergone several refurbishments and new portals were created.


IZF Association

The IZF Association, responsible for the management of www.izf.net, aims to make visible the actions of the Organs and Institutions of CEMAC and UEMOA, to promote investment in the Franc Zone, to build commercial capacity development in the area, to increase exports of these businesses and contribute to improving the integration of the countries of the Franc Zone in the world trade, support youth entrepreneurship, all by providing information and various resources.



GENERAL AREA : information on general and economic news from Africa but also from each of the countries of the Franc Zone.

BUSINESS AREA : specific commercial information and services aimed at manufacturers and businesses wishing to invest in the Franc Zone.

EXPORT AREA : combines specific trade information for each country and general commercial information related to all 1. countries in the Franc Zone.

BUSINESS DIRECTORY : a tool for supporting private sector development, allowing any investor or any other interested person to find the right contact person in the country of their choice.

FACTORS OF PRODUCTION : allows to conduct a comparative cost analysis of the main factors of production.



Africa, World and by country information feeds : France Press Agency and main press organizations news items relating to Africa and the world.

Business opportunities : publication of notices of tenders, recruitment offers and a resume bank.

Online Courses (E-learning): Online release platform for courses by universities, structures of education and other structures, available for students and professionals

Database of Experts and study reports: tool used for the publication of the list of experts classified by industry and country. A simple search will allow to find a desired expertise. This tool allows the posting of various validated study reports, which may be of interest to businesses, institutions, students, researchers and professionals.

Newsletter : newsletter sent periodically by email to subscribers allowing to promote your business and your products, and inform you of the latest innovations on the website.

Discussion Forum : ideal meeting place to discuss projects and business, to share opinions on current events or share experiences.

Social networks : use, from the website, of social networks covering different activities and integrating technology, social interaction and content creation.

Search : direct access desired information through the use of the site's internal search engines.



IZF Association Headquarters WAEMU Commission

380 Professor Joseph Ki-Zerbo avenue

01 BP 543 Ouagadougou 0. – BURKINA FASO

Phone: (+226) 2. 30 1. 08

Fax :(+226) 25 31 88 72

Email: contactizf@izf.net


IZF CELL : CEMAC Commission 

CEMAC Building, des Martyrs Avenue


Phone: (+236) 21 61 65 84

Fax:(+236) 21 61 21 35