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Africa has a huge economic potential, but the world has not been able to define the political and economic measures that are necessary for the African continent to exploit this potential currently. The "Partnership with Africa" ​​is an alliance that seeks to enhance cooperation on the continent, so that African countries improve conditions for increasing private investment and investment in infrastructure.

African countries, with bilateral partners, financial institutions such as the African Development Bank, the Group of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, will work on the preparation, coordination and implementation of measures adapted to the situation actual of each African country. The objective of this initiative is to reduce the risk for private investors through improved economic and financial conditions, which will ensure better institutional quality.

Investment stimulates economic growth, productivity and increasing employment of a country and that translates into a better quality of life for residents and this is why the "Journal in 2063," the African Union (AU) aims to ensure a dignified life for African families. Although these types of projects are designed to pay off in the long run, it is very important to bring all African countries to accelerate the project results. The most important thing of this alliance is that decisions are taken collectively and that all points of view of the countries are also important. These are the delegates from each country will determine what they want to do to improve the conditions for private investment,

So far, five countries are linked to 100% in this initiative: the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Rwanda, Morocco and Tunisia, Ghana and Ethiopia are also linked. Now the goal of the "Diary 2063" is to unite private investors with African countries. In cade of this plan, activities have already been completed, such as the conference of the G20 association with Africa in Berlin, Germany in June 2017. Following the conference, the project structure began to be implementation and, at this stage, dialogue with investors is more important because African countries will be able to determine the measures to implement the international private sector.

The success of this initiative depends on many factors. That is why Germany is a great ally in the project in 2018, because the country will be responsible for the implementation of this agreement with Africa and must inform the evolution of investment pacts that were established. That countries like Germany support this alliance sends a signal to other countries in Africa to join a project that will succeed, because if all parties collaborating in the project (African countries, international organizations, bilateral partners, individuals and investors ), the African Pact will mean sustainable economic growth for the continent.


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