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In January 2018, the ninth edition of INVESTOUR, investment and business forum for tourism in Africa, was held. The most important point was the situation of the Brand Africa and its impact on the growth of tourism in the continent. 38 African ministers and influential companies in the areas of hospitality and tourism in the world participated in the event.

The meeting took many scenarios to track topics of African tourism. In the first area the discussion focused on the African brand and how to promote tourism development and investment opportunities, a very appropriate context to share policy measures that have been successful in other countries with the creation of brands. The Director General of the House Africa, Luis Padrón, stressed that Equatorial Guinea is one of the African countries that work best for making the continent one of the 10 best tourist destinations for Chinese tourists.

In the second space, the theme was biodiversity as engine of sustainable tourism and the importance of linking the entire community. In this space, the focus was on the protection of the environment and community training. INVESTOUR is a platform that brings together politicians, international investors and local investors looking for business opportunities in Africa. The space allows to explore ways to increase investment in the tourism sector in Africa innovatively and encourage initiatives that contribute to the development of the tourism sector.

Undoubtedly, tourism is a pillar of the development of the continent, but we can not ignore the challenges that all countries face to complete the growth of tourism and other economic benchmarks of the continent. The medium-term economic outlook is positive. In 2017, total external flows have exceeded 170,000 million. The investments are diversifying into consumer goods and services, such as financial services, information and telecommunications. Another aspect to highlight is the efficient management of resources by governments: there is a strong commitment from governments and social services are observed in many African countries.

Selon la Banque africaine de développement (BAD), les défis de l'économie africaine sont :

  • Promouvoir tous les secteurs économiques susceptibles de générer de la croissance et soutenir la création de nouveaux emplois.
  • Autonomiser les petites et moyennes entreprises qui contribuent à l'industrialisation écologique et durable pour l'Afrique. Fournir également des conseils aux entreprises innovantes par le biais du développement technologique.
  • Standardiser les politiques industrielles.

Dans ce contexte économique, les conclusions importantes qui résument les aspects importants du rapport annuel de la BAD et atténuent les limites du continent sont :

  • Africa must strengthen its expertise based on public policies that prioritize formal education, vocational training and managerial skills to meet the current market demand.
  • Policies that support national entrepreneurs and stimulate the development of tourism.
  • Support companies in their constant pursuit of innovation through project financing.

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