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The international meeting of funding from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) met to discuss the problems of education of children of the world. The Senegalese President Macky Sall said: "The battle for education is the mother of all battles, if we lose, we will lose all the others. "

The conference was held at the International Conference Center Abdou Diouf, in the city of Diamnadio and 50 kilometers from the capital of Senegal, Dakar. Over 1000 people attended the event. Celebrities have joined the singer Rihana, godmother of the AME, and have interpreted his songs as a welcome to the event.

The conference was attended by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. Nearly twelve Heads of State and Government in Africa and ministers from around the world were also there. They all promised to donate more than 2300 million from 2018 to 2020. Donor countries are from the European Commission. For example, the UK has announced a donation of 740 million, Norway will donate 400 million and France will give 200 million. For this year, the new countries of the conference are China and the United Arab Emirates. Both countries will donate 100 million and Senegal also pay 2 million.

About the meeting, the President of France said: "The commitment to education is not a choice, it is a necessity. Today companies are immersed in fear of climate change, violence, changes in technology and looking for answers themselves in nationalism. But the only answer is education. "The President of Chad, Idris Deby, stressed the importance of setting up a hosting strategy refugees, and the President of Niger, Mahamadou Issoufou, commented:" We increased the weight training professional in the education of 5 to 25% in 2016. We want to reach 40%, because we have the obligation to provide work for young people. "

In recent years, Senegal has increased spending on education by 25% and, with this investment, assured quality education to many children in the country. The Senegalese Minister Serigne Mbaye Thiam said: "We have made a remarkable effort in the construction of 6,800 transitional shelters so that nobody remains without going to school and work on training of teachers. "

Similarly, the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo, touched the audience with a speech in which he told how to free education in Ghana, which will give the opportunity to learn more than 90 000 students and his speech he also highlighted the sense of belonging to Africa: "We can not allow the financing of our education in the hands of others, as when they change their policy and we will suffer. Africa is rich, here there is money. Eliminate corruption and intelligent conclude agreements with those who want to exploit our resources and we have achieved a lot. We have the ability to grow with our means. Let's go. "

GPE seeks to be a multilateral alliance existed since 2002 to promote enrollment and quality of education for the less privileged in the world. This association has 65 members as donors, private and public organizations and philanthropic foundations. The President of the MEA, Julia Gillar, is satisfied with the result and concluded the conference by saying: "Thanks to the generosity and determination we have all seen today, we guarantee every child and every youth access to quality education. The success of this conference is a turning point in the global political support to education funding. "

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